The Gentlemyn (mobledqueen) wrote,
The Gentlemyn

Season 6 The L Word

A very stolen pre-release of the season opening to Season 6 of The L word happened to come across my desktop.
The arc seems to be a splitting of the lesbians into two warring factions.
The Betrayed factions is lead by Child of Evil and resident megalomaniacal writer, Jenny Schechter. Be prepared to see Jenny betray someone and then batt her eyelashes innocently. OOOoooh Jenny I hate you soooo much.
The Cheaters faction is lead by forgivable rogue, Shane. Not only does Shane have a boy's name, she also looks like a boy. Shane has slept with everyone you've ever met, but you just have to forgive her. You'd do her too if you had the chance.
Because it's Showtime and they are in love with the fact that they are cable, you can continue to expect the quality gratuitous sex scenes that the other seasons of The L word provided.
And with the two most caricatured characters in the show locked in a battle, let the game begin!
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