The Gentlemyn (mobledqueen) wrote,
The Gentlemyn

Facticity in Big Love and the L-word

As Big Love is winding toward the end of season three, it just keeps getting better. Normally, I find HBO's brand of social realism a bit heavy handed, but Big Love, despite its concept, keeps getting more compelling all the time. Perhaps it's that the concept allows for a more believable soap than the concept of, say, the L-Word. I don't really care who killed Jenny Schechter. They all want to kill her. Big Love and the L-Word have the same message: you're stuck with assholes based on the accident of your birth. Whether you're born into polygamy or lesbianism, you are followed by the drama of people you have nothing in common with. Big Love is simply a better vehicle for this message than the L-word.
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